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Independent Tax Consulting on Cross-border Transactions



As independent advisor made up of industry-leading professionals, VTC Services will be your trusted partner for any questions and needs with your international businesses’ related Cross-border transactions, Value chain, Transfer pricing and Tax Valuation matters!

Whether a small or middle size enterprise or a large multinational, we will understand your needs while listening carefully what you need and aim for along with your day-to-day or only once in a while happening international cross-border transactions of your value chain!

We will combine your business expertise and knowledge with our and our globally present partners’ deep and specific know-how and experience to provide you with tailored but yet simple and robust solutions for your entire satisfaction and best benefit.


Transfer Pricing

Value Chain


Tax Valuation



Transfer Pricing Compliance (Documentation)

We support you with the preparation of TP Documentation reports consistent with the OECD standard, post BEPS requirements, as well as local regulatory requirements.

Country-by-Country Reporting

We support you with the preparation and as well as with the risk evaluation in relation to the consistency of the Country-by-Country report and the Transfer Pricing documentation reports.

Transfer Pricing Consulting

We advise you with the design of your Transfer Pricing system including the evaluation of appropriate and at arm’s length income from any cross-border intercompany transactions in connection with tangible and intangible property, services, and financing.

Operational Transfer Pricing

To actually generate full value of our advice, we support you with the transformation and the integration of the Transfer Pricing System and the Transfer Pricing Policies into the business processes and systems in place in your company.

Controversy and Disputes

We assist you on Transfer Pricing dispute resolution and controversy
matters arising from tax audits, with the development of robust audit
defence strategies, mutual agreement procedures (MAP) and advance
pricing agreements (APA) as well as with general assistance with competent authority procedures.

Value Chain Management

We support you with any changes and restructurings of the entire value chain of your group from a Transfer Pricing perspective including all aspects of related direct and indirect tax matters as well as with the documentation of those changes to the value chain.

Value Chain Analysis

VTC Services supports you with the preparation of complete or partial Value Chain  Analyses as strong planning as well as defence tools identifying what activities along  a value chain add what value to your company’s and its businesses models overall economic output.

Valuation for tax purposes

We provide you with valuation of businesses and underlying assets for tax purposes in cases of business restructurings or the sale or the license of intangible assets as well as with the reconciliation of purchase price allocation and tax values during and after M&A transactions.



Markus Wyss, Inhaber vtc services
Managing Partner

T: +41 81 284 90 01


Markus is a highly qualified and experienced professional with a demonstrated history of consulting for various industries within leading auditing firms as well as in industry. He is broadly skilled in International Tax and Transfer Pricing, Business Transformation and Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A).

As managing partner of VTC Services, Markus provides in particular advice on value chain and transfer pricing matters including related regulatory aspects of cross-border taxes for international clients of various industries and size.


VTC Services GmbH


Felsenaustrasse 25, CH-7000 Chur, Switzerland
Tel:  +41 81 284 90 01

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